Cigar Review: Stallone Cigars Azabache Maduro

Now that I am writing again it is like a kid with a new toy, I can not get enough. This afternoon I got on a four wheeler and took a ride around the old farm. I took with me a Stallone Cigars Azabache Maduro to enjoy on the ride. It has a nice dark chocolate wrapper with a well printed band. Torching up this cigar I was greeted at the start with a mild but zesty spice, much akin to a cayenne type along with a chocolate powder (remember chocolate powder?) Flavor mixed with a little dark earth. Enjoying the start, I headed down to the back of the property where two creeks meet.

Parking the four wheeler I took deep draws from the cigar. The first third gave more of the taste of chocolate powder and spice, with the dark earth wrapped around both giving the taste buds a treat in waves of flavor.

Walking down to the creeks, I found where we use to go swimming and even the remains of an old rope swing. Many summers were spent here in those care free days of youth.

I headed to the old barn to look around and as I walked in, the cigar was in its second third. The base flavors were still performing wonderfully but now a slight toffee sweetness was beginning to show, giving the blend more of a change up and a very well balanced smoking experience. Farther in to the second third the toffee sweetness built slightly, just enough to compliment the blend without being over bearing. 

Pulling back up to the truck, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the cigar. Now into the final third the chocolate powder has become more of a dark chocolate with the dark earth moving back and the spice increasing. The slight sweetness remains giving a very pleasant finish to this excellent cigar.

If you have not tried Sallone Cigars, you should. They are a worthy smoke.

Peace and Smoke,


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