Cigar Review: Stallone Cigars Alazan Corojo


Time is not something I seem to have much of anymore as it would appear I can not get everything done each day. But every so often I take time to recharge the old batteries. I took time this weekend to go pond fishing. I did not care if I caught anything, it was just to go. I arrived at the selected place that belongs to an old family friend and set my chair on a short pier with trees that gave shade. 

I brought with me to smoke a Stallone Alazan Corojo. The cigar has a silky dark tan wrapper and the pre light hints of earth and cedar as the foot gives a hint of spice.

Once clipped I torched the cigars and received a touch of mixed pepper spice with a subtle earthiness mixed with hints of rawhide. This mix makes the start of the cigar very interesting. Further into the first third, those flavors continued but in a well balanced manner. Rawhide entwined with the earthiness coated in a mild spice gave the mind curiosity as to what may be next.

As I sat and enjoyed the cigar, I decided to forget fishing and just enjoy the wonderful view. Several times fish would curl the water as they struck at something. You could see the typical small minnows that hover near the bank, and listen to several birds singing their melodies. A slight breeze brought ripples across the water and you could hear the tiny waves lap against the pier.

Enjoying myself, the cigar moved into the second third. The rawhide had turned more leathery and the earth darker, but in this mix came a certain peanut brittle sweetness. Not overbearing but just enough to compliment each taste. They would change place in the forefront giving a nice complexity to the smoke. Wonderful!

As I sat, I could see four domestic geese wondering near the shore and it became very clear they did not approve of my being there as one did the goose charge. I laughed hard and collected my chair and got back in my truck. Doing so and looking out the window at the view, the cigar was in the final third. The same flavors were working perfectly together but now the pepper had ramped up a notch as did the leather and this is how the cigar finished.

The Stallone Alazan Corojo is a well balanced and flavorful cigar as well as easy and enjoyable to smoke. Get a few and try them.

Peace and Smoke,


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