Cigar Review: A.J. Fernandez New World Dorado


After buying our old farm place and moving back in, I have been working around it to clean it up and get everything back in top shape. Grass had grown along old fences and some fences are taken down, no longer needed. It’s amazing sometimes the things you find along old fences and the fence I planned on cleaning today is one where we parked equipment. I brought from the house an A.J. Fernandez New World Dorado to smoke while I toil away at this short old fence.

The Dorado is a beautiful cigar with superb construction. After lighting this fine stick, I was greeted with toasty wood, mild spice and what reminded me of honey grahams back in the day. Not in sweetness mind you but in flavor. Around a half inch in and a very slight touch of pepper medley chimed in making the flavors stand out wonderfully. The first third retained these flavors and soon added a touch of chicory in the background. Fantastic mix.

Enthusiastic with the cigar, I proceeded to weed eat along the fence, and no this was no small weed eater, clearing old grass and weeds. As I said earlier, it is amazing the things you can find and it was not long until I spotted rusty metal sticking from the ground. Pulling on it revealed what was left of an old plow bit that was left many years ago when we changed blades on a four-row plow. This one, I remember, was removed because the front point was broken off. I sat on a bucket for a moment, looking down that old fence and remembering the work and long days spent.

As I sat, the cigar moved into the second third. The cigar was retaining the flavors as in the first third, however the blend was showing its depth as the complexity worked very smoothly. The honey graham had back off as the wood stayed well balanced with hints of chicory and now the addition of what reminds me of fresh turned rich soil. Further into the second third, the chicory morphed into more of a dark roasted coffee bean essence with the pepper medley wrapping everything in a magnificent manner.

Getting back at the work, I did notice a small vine at the bottom of one old post and stopped before cutting it down. It was a blackberry vine and when I was young the covered this fence for yards. Each year when ripe, we would pick buckets of the fruit and one of my aunts had a great knack for making the best blackberry jelly and jam I had ever known. All those vines are long gone but after finding this tiny remainder, I am going to help it to grow and care for it. Who knows, maybe one day those vines will be thick again. Finishing for now I headed back to my truck as the cigar moved into the final third.

The cigar was producing a cavalcade of magnificent flavors. The combination from the second third continued but in increased amounts but even though increased it not once became bitter. The finish of the cigar brought back a heavier chicory that was very tasty.

The New World Dorado is a wonderful cigar and a great addition to the line. A must try.


Peace and Smoke,



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