Cigar Review: A.J.Fernandez New World Puro Especial


When you buy an old place there is never an end to things to be done. This week I was installing a new driveway where one had been many long years ago. A gravel truck had just left leaving the first of four loads that will be used and so I began the task of moving gravel, placing and raking to the size and depth needed. after an hour or so it was decided that a beverage and cigar was required to complete this project. I selected an A.J. Fernandez New World Puro Especial Toro. This cigar is as the case of anything from A.J. Fernandez has superb construction. Dark and rick deep brown wrapper that invites you to experience the flavors at hand. Sitting on the tailgate of my truck, I made fast work of torching the cigar. Right at the start I receive an abundance of flavors from hardwood with a bit of spice. Soon into the cigar, the wood and spice show their colors as the addition of home made roasted peanuts comes in making this even better.

Drawing deep on the cigar, I remember when the old driveway was here. It sits between the main road and the house. The yard, at that time, had tall cedar trees lining in along the road and near the drive were azaleas in a row. Once the driveway is complete, that will be the next project, to begin putting out plants and bring life back to the yard. As I sat the cigar was moving into the second third. The wood remains but has backed off being replaced with rich dark soil. The roasted peanuts were giving a slight wrapping the other flavor in a very smooth fashion. Somewhere before the end of the second third, the roasted peanuts took on a very mild sweetness much akin to brittle, but ever so slightly.

I can still remember how busy this place was in the spring and summer. From planting season to hay bailing, to reunions and just people coming by. During planting season, neighbors always helped neighbors, so you would see our tractor and at least three others in the field disking, plowing, planting and so on. Then we would all move to the next person’s field and start again. It is regretful that there is no such thing as a time machine, would be so nice to go back for just a little while.

Getting back to the project, the cigar had moved into the final third. The flavors that where present towards the end of the second third remained but I little more intensely. The spice had picked up as well making it a more bold smoke and an absolute full flavor treat. The last puff lingered and gave a welcome reminder of just how good the cigar is. If you have not tried it yet, do so and see what flavors you receive.

Peace and Smoke,


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